We have been manufacturing since 1992, made-to-measure clothing to the highest technical level of craftsmanship and materials from the best weavers in the world. In our studio in Hamburg you will find suits and shirts also custom jackets, trousers, ties but also shoes, as well as coats and suits with matching accessories. We assemble by hand in our studio custom-made clothing from the buttonhole to the cuff.


The cut of a custom made suit is the optimum interpretation of the body and its movements executed to the exact millimeter. All tailor-made suits are stitched in the traditional way by hand, according to your needs, tailored to your stature and occasion.

Whether traditional or exclusive, business, leisure or special occasion - we also produce individual customized clothing for women.

Manually embroidered

Tailor's chalk

Hand seamed lining

Hand seamed lapels

Accurat transfer of patterns
to the sleeve


Since mediocre fabric can destroy the best tailoring work, Tom Reimer relies on the best quality, including Italian fabrics (Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Carlo Barbera) or from England / Scotland (Smith Woolens, Holland & Sherry, Fox Brothers & Co.)

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Those looking for the perfect shirt to suit a custom made suit have the choice between in-house labels or the individual but hand-made version. Each shirt is a unique piece, which is made by hand with attention to detail. It starts with the single cut of the shirt part, the fine hand work at the seams, up until your embroidered initials.

Shoes and Accessories

And of course in the beautiful showrooms in the Mittelweg 117 you can also find a large selection of shoes, ties and individual accessories for the most stylish appearance.


Tom Reimer - Maßschneider
Mittelweg 117
20149 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 40 452324
Telefax: +49 40 451635

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Tom Reimer - Maßschneider
Mittelweg 117
20149 Hamburg

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Telefon: +49 40 452324   |   Telefax: +49 40 451635